I  have been  duped  in the past by  buying juniors  that wewre in proximity   to other producers as well,  and    I  have even followed this rationale  not only in mining but also  in oil and  gas producers as well. The problem is this.  The   JUNIOR MARKET IS DEAD.   The market cap of the biggest commodity companies  , the heavy weights are at  multi  year lows,  look at TCM,  TCK,  K,      and you get the picture.  The junior market has completely capitulated to  the 2009 levels  in many aspects.  Interest rates are  slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyy  rising and banks in Canada ,  with a real estate bubble on the cusp,  are sure as  sh&&  not gonig to lend to any juniors.  This is  a  terrible space to be in now unless u have a  5 year  horizon.   I   would suggest  peopel selluot of these underperforming sectors and    jump in whats hot now,   biotech, pharma,  and  technology  stocks.


Do your research     on the juniors and see who can survive without  diluting. Whenyou see  the big companies start to move off their lows with conviction volume  , then   u know for sure   money is  returning to the sector and eventually will trickle down  to the junior space. This is along time away from happening.