Let me   explain why   !!!!     Yale got the    Tenoriba claim  for  80  sq  km for   < 2 million dollars.  At the time    the deal was announced gold was    not "   in play".  It was merely  trading sideways.     Now    gold is in   play so the acquisition is now starting to be appreciated for its  genius timing and  low   price  .  More  over        payments  of only about 250 000  are required  for the   first two  years.  Thus the  option of  Los Amoles  will   do  two things.   First,  Yale   has   a sizable percentage and will  still be the operator.     Yale retains significant upside in Los Amoles and pays  ZERO  exploration and drilling costs.  The     50 000  payment covers  the first year payment  to the vendor   of  the Tenoriba claim.   Los Amoles is strategically only 10   km  from  the  Grupa Mexico's   producing silver mine.   I  believe that  drilling underway at Guadalupe  and  the upcoming exploration commitment by the JV partner in  Los  Alomes  will    pay the ENTIRE  purchase price of Tenoriba.  In fact   its   looking more and more that Yale  can  still hold sizable percentages in Los Alomes    and Guadalupe and  hold the  soon  to    be coveted   Tenoriba claim         all to itself.    Just a hunch and DD    must be followed by  all.   On an  interesting note New Guinea Gold  had  killer   drill results  today and soared 25 %      for  most of the trading day.  Then a  relatively small block was  dumped in the last half hour  I think to crash  it  to  pre  -announcement  price,  maybe so  that discouraged retail investors  would pack  up and go else where.      Jay Taylor claims to  have   5 % of his IRA account in Yale.  i know  he is a gold   mouth piece whose usually    on the mark  or   way off base.