Yo G40 , seeing that you convinced (no one) that you are not the same person as vinni by registering today 11,22,12 on stockhouse as Vincentinvestor1 ,http://www.stockhouse.com/mystockhouse/viewmyallinfo.aspx?u=3261289 ...are you going to try any other stunts to try to disprove the blatantly obviious position you put yourself in ?  Registering as Vincentinvestor1 , was (clever) that's all . It didn't prove anything . You yourself said you are (clever) ,http://www.iii.co.uk/investment/detail/?display=discussion&code=cotn%3AXEL.L&it=le&action=detail&id=10208927 . 

OH , here's another one of G40/Vinni"s lies just today .

Here's someone trying to correct him with the truth..."   he said $720m to get to first oil" http://www.iii.co.uk/investment/detail/?display=discussion&code=cotn%3AXEL.L&threshold=0&it=le&action=detail&id=10209436 Here vini/G40 says.." 360 is required to get to first oil, thats a joke and you know it, " http://www.iii.co.uk/investment/detail/?display=discussion&code=cotn%3AXEL.L&threshold=0&it=le&action=detail&id=10209474

The winner is ? The truth from XEL's own PR , states .. The $360 million development expenditure assumed to be incurred in the RAR in 2013 is required to be funded from external sources  to achieve first oil in Phase 1B. Such funding is expected to-- (include the RBL facility)--- noted below and net Bentley crude oil revenue in 2013 of approximately $50 million, after accounting for 2013 operating costs. The RAR assumes that future oil revenues will fund the balance of Phase 1B development expenditure in 2014 and 2015." (End of quote) // see this all here before ,(Future Potential)....http://www.xcite-energy.com/investors/regulatory-news/rns-news/11187932

-----Yes G40/Vinni does tell the truth sometimes ,but , he's not at all shy about lying when he really needs to get the share price down for his short position . Remember , if we have a long position on XEL , then we can wait for the price to go up to make money . BUT ! G40/Vinni's money is on the line depending,... on the share price to go down or hold at a set low .