really is a humdinger of an investor, when he cant see the connection between Genel, WZR, SNM, DNO, Hunt, Exxon, Total, Chevron, every one of them is being held back by an immature political system inflicted apon Iraq by a group of less that smart advisors whose roots can be traced back to the political scene of Chicago. I will say no more about that as it serves no constructive purpose,

If Mr Sux was to be honest with everyone on here, he would inform people about the next biggest problem in Kurdistan, namely a lack of infrastructure, an unskilled labour force, and a severe lack of an accountable financial system.

Now I could go on and be accused of trying to scare people, but as I am a risktaker with no money problems who enjoys playing the market as a personal challange, I will never try to gain advantage by posting negative nonsense.  Or overly optimistic judgement on any BODs future plans.

I wish you all well, even you Fox,