u;  The fact is that JS is reactive and not insightful.  The recent pullback was an obvious call.  To say he was right in Jan-2012 is plain coincidence as the pullback followed K-2 results and the utterly unforeseeable gas influx issue.  If TLM had executed competently and not SNAFU'd the K-2 tubing and completion we would not have pulled back from C$1.40 but C$2.00 more likely.  JS simply observes what has already happened.  A read through BB posts would have given the average investor a much more timely and prescient ( i.e. useful ) perspective.  A political resolution ( i.e. monetisation via Turkey ) could be weeks or months away and at present no-one can be exact.  The OGL is now irrelevant to the KRG; if it happens then fine but if not - so what?.  To assert a 4-5 year perspective is just plain useless as a commentary on a TSXV stock.  That is way beyond the average investor's timeframe for such hi-risk assets.

You may as well hold a conch shell to your ear.