If you actually watch JS on BNN on WZR-

other then his oversight of the upcoming K3 well (perhaps he sees Baran-1 as more significant as far as new news), he was spot on

He is telling you to have this stock in your account, but not as a core holding

He sees the time horizon as being out as long, perhaps, as 4-5 years now, given all the issues 

A resolution of the politics as well as the pipelines to Turkey are the key here

Not that we did not know that-but it is nice to hear a 3P give an opinion

Not sure why there is all the negative bashing of JS

In fact he was a big bull that pulled back because of the lack of the gas and oil law

He called the recent pullback after 9/1/12, which even I thought was crazy

Unfortunately for us, he was right (for once!)