the krg have only allowed the minimum of drilling on garmian (from psc).  They control when and where we drill....this is why operatorship is useless....we aren't the decision's an empty title.   My biggest worry is that the krg will dictate that gazprom buys us (due to political importance).   Any attempt from outsiders to make an offer for wzr would be rebutted behind the scenes (since the majors know they must speak to krg first for approval) and the sp would never get the chance to run.  We can basically forget about ever achieving fair value ($2/contingent) from this soon to be forced marriage (since there will be no other public suitors), but major holders must have been promised something to put up with this farce....even a buck a barrel will get us atleast $3/ share with further dilution and additional contigent at the end of 2014.