V: I still think controlling the drill bit is more appealing than them just being partners with no say! We have two years to prove up resources.  That is still quite a bit of time to go.  Still enough to hopefully prove up 2bil barrells of oil, plus by that time the gas might have value also, and in that time get the politics settled(which they will be hard pressed to do).  This I agree is not what it seems and our aspirations of what could be , probably wont be but stranger things have happened and I still find it strange that the sp is continually surpressed.  They can just as easily manipulate the price upwards on such news and make out like bandits. That is a question I keep asking myself.  The ones in control here could have easily pushed this to 2 or 3 bucks and then tanked it if all was so bad and tripled their money in a couple of weeks.  We must ask why this was not done????FG