Our funds had run low before Gazprom  moved in to partner with us ...coupled by the factthat the political stances had worsened at the time and Kurdistan stopped the oil trucking to make their position of being owned back money from the Federal Govt. of Iraq.This hit all oil companies working in Kurdistan hard,(but ours in particular) as our ONLY exports from sarquala were only 5000 barrels per day(which built up our bank account).With low funds and no partner we were hard pressed to line up  1 to 3 rigs needed for our drilling programs and all the materials involved such as casings etc. I don't see this as KRG  vs Westernzagros specifically,but rather,KRG  vs Baghdad.All Companies in Kurdistan are impaired by this political mess happening in Iraq,and I point out  IT isn't directed at WZR.We are caught up in Political unfriedly fire. One can only hope that there is some sort of negotiated compromise within.

good luck..