fram...main london exchange would be a pleasant shocker for me but i can't see it happening...gkp has supposedly been trying for some time but have, until now, been unsuccessful.  For me, it's just about the move to london and the access to thousands more potential (kurd) knowledgable buyers.  Current owners of wzr in london (through td etc) will tell you it's simple to set up the new account but the majority of gkp's golden ticket holding happy clapper club are more content with buying domestically....which is quite normal.  A move to the AIM is a simple and effective way of counteracting the never-ending attacks we've grown accustomed to. Looks like we're about to go through a second major financing since SH mentioned going to london....this is inexcusable....a total destruction of shareholder value.

As for how the krg would impede this...and again, hopefully i'm wrong and you're just reading the ramblings of some embittered, paranoid holder....i'm saying that the krg completely controls the O&G companies in kurdistan.  Hatfield may be the face of the company but he certainly doesn't make the decisions.  No one can tell me that our 'lost year' (and counting) at garmian was due to lack of rigs.  Krg is doing the minimum (as per psc) so that they'll get the max back in late 2014...seems pretty clear to me.

As for something good coming around the just did.  That release was fantastic and we've somehow dropped.  If an extra 450 million barrels drops our share price, how will an extra 250 near sarqala affect sp....or another 300-500 at baram?  Fact is, (and the market has just rubbed our noses in it) somebody is in complete control of our sp and mgmt has done nothing to alleviate the easily remedied problem.

ps...i'll take it all back and sing the praises to our beloved leader if they announce a london move