V: lets say the listing is not on the aim but on the main london exchange!  Do they then need a catalyst then? How can the KRG obstruct them from  a london listing? Why would they be allowed operatorship of Garmain in the first place, because what I had heard was that it was initially going to be Total as partner, but they would have been the operator of the block and that is when SH stated that he thought WZR was worth $9.00 per share as Total probably wanted the whole piece.  The KRG set them up pretty good when they were selling into the local market with their 5000bpd.  I agree we cannot trust anyone, but it might not be as bad as you state.  It sure does look bad right now, but as always here, when it looks really bad, something good comes along.  When things are beginning to line up for us, they then begin to quickly fall apart.  One bad soap opera!!!!  These guys granted themselves options for a reason and the reason in my opionion will be stated next week or one after and they will list in london on the main exchange.  Has to be!!! Why on earth else would our stock price be so depressed after stating such great news? That move alone will limit the power of these Canadian houses and they do not like it one bit!!! FG