hey fram/fus/coach....the how looks pretty clear.  Our mgmt doesn't seem to have any say whatsoever in how this company is run.  KRG runs this show.  Looking at the garmian block and it's progress since MQ speaks volumes.  The operatorship title that the krg left us with is obviously meaningless....it should be clear to everyone by now that the late 2013 wells were supposed to be drilled in 2012...we lost a year of progress.  The why, is to stifle development on garmian.  Whatever isn't part of this developed area in late 2014 is taken back by the krg and resold.....imo it also allows a cheaper takeover price (krg/gazprom preliminary deal) for gazprom at a time when there's no advantage for gazprom to produce with no revenues coming in. 

Any third rate venture company can get on the aim....there is no need for a 'catalyst'...gazprom jv would have been it anyway.  Crest and Chandler and whatever group takes the next financing are voting rights...they may just be the voice of gazprom.  Who knows what kind of back room deals have been made with our major holders....gazprom is a goliath basically run by putin...we are a few hundred nobodys protected by a corrupt commission.