"In the next 2 years, after a field development plan, i would imagine that gazprom will buy us out at the price agreed upon when they first entered kurdistan."

So, I read that as saying, that if Gazprom told the KRG "We will buy out WZR for $5.00 a share", then that's the price and it's fixed at that.

So, if K-3 does 15,000bpd then $5.00 is still the price. If the seismic programs show that things are connected beyond our expectations, then $5.00 is still the price. If, by december it looks like we will be doing 45,000bpd then $5.00 is still the price.

Sure, there's the KRG, but WZR still has to answer to the SEC and shareholders who may not agree.

Did I misinterpret that?

If I didn't, then there will probably be an offer sooner than later...