MGK..I believe all potential deals/takeovers go through the krg first.  I'm quite sure they're as adept at threatening and cajoling as the icg....if you want to do business in kurdistan, you wouldn't make a hostile bid on a small fry without their approval.  Gazprom was a massively significant entry and were surely offered some tasty bits to get them in.  They're in a position now (no market and hence no profit for oil) to sit back and patiently wait for us to pay for the majority of development costs while periodically trashing our sp to reduce future costs when indirectly taking part in our financings.  Through chandler and crest, i believe they've taken a hefty chunk of our company.  In the next 2 years, after a field development plan, i would imagine that gazprom will buy us out at the price agreed upon when they first entered kurdistan.