@Teatimenow...completely agree with the AIM move...should've been done in august.  Taking a closer look at GKP's OIP figures (oil only), their Dynamic Global Advisors report shows 13.7 billion Mean Gross OIP  barrels at shaikan.  This is Discovered and Undiscovered OIP lumped together with no differentiation between the two (unless i'm mistaken and someone can correct me).  Incredibly confusing and misleading. 

WZR's figures (oil only) Mean Contingent is 590 million, Perspective is 1176 million, Gross Discovered OIP is 2020 and Gross Undiscovered is 4042....all mutually exclusive.  This total is 7828 million barrels for kurdamir, oil only....or more than half of what shaikan contains.  GKP's market cap  is 6X larger than WZR's. 

ps  The garmian block more than makes up for the additional gkp blocks when comparing values.