for gods sake do the board a favour and just sell your shares a move on. are you bipolar or just a chronic complainer.

Yes management is disappointing and a little overpaid considering they could not even  start and complete one single well in 2012. If management can not come up with a plan to get oil to the market (turkey) this year. they will have to dilute significantly to keep up with there obligations, probably as many shares as barrels of oil in place (billion or so).   We are all pi $$ed that management does not seem to get it where all the money to drill 4 wells this year and next is going to come from. They are not going to be selling oil to the market any time soon and the market knows they need to come to the market.  so why not sell now to get in on a cheap PP.  These guys will burn through 100 million in cash fast.

But would you really have the board believe that Iraq is going to invade Kurdistan without major consequences.  Their ratty struggling post war economy would not survive and they know that. You Talk like they are a strong power with lots of money and war toyz.  There own oil fields need serious investment by foreign money.  Yet Majors are leaving. And yes if you have not read a news release lately the russians are in Kurdistan.  I think one of our partners in KURDISTAN  is a small Russian player.  Sorry a little sarcasm.

Strong Syria did you really say this dude.  This regime is about to collapse and when it does it will be a mess because there are a number of different rebel groups trying to get control of the country.  read a news paper.  Strong Iran really there are having to smuggle oil to the russians because of all the UN sanctions, they are hurtin`too..

How about post something with some substance ulysess.  I find people that continually post multiple times a day on stockhouse post garbage.

With the exception of COACHBOB, keep up the great work Bob.


People please think for yourselves.