DEpends on your risk tolerance and timeline.  70% of Retirement in Mutual Funds and the rest in some higher growth potential companies.  Let's see, WZR now at $1.02 and assuming a small sectarian war that causes Biden and Jerry to pressure the Obama to allow Kurds to become independent.  Turkey cuddles up to Kurds for oil, gas and help dispersing PKK to the new Kurdistan and WZR is a 4-8 bagger from here.  Looking at 2-3 year timeline and I retire in 9 years at 60 rather than 67.  WE also have a tax free savings account up here Mr U, you folks should push for this idea, where I have 35,000 shares tucked away.  No tax on those shares no matter how much they grow.  So I weigh whether or not the sh  tes can takeover the whole of Iraq vs one billion+ barrels of oil of which we have 40% of.  Hmmm, but I am also looking at Sterling now that could be at the bottom of their issues.  I am a bit of a gambler.  If I was a trader I would agree with you but I have a timeline that allows for bumps in the road.  Not judging anyone here.  Everyone has their own agenda and needs.  I just always knew that the Kurds would have to gain their independance for this to come to fruition.  That I have been very clear on from the beginning.