Yikes?  Spudding holes too early without the politics resolved and until K3 done would be foolish.  Cash preservation is a good thing.  Let's see if the pipeline is built to Turkey as well.  I like where we are.  We know we have a pile of oil, just putting a number on it is the key.  New estimates will be out soon based on K2 and then the seismic will be nice to see if we have overlap.  This is going as planned.  As long as civil war doesn't ravage our area everything is fine.  Patience is the key now.  All shareholders must have it to max your gain.  Our historical friend has some points but I am making the assumption he also wants back in at a lower SP.  Dastardly fellow that he is.  Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.  NIce price for spec in your retirement fund.