I'm personally liking Prada (1913.hk) on the HK stock echange, got a significant sum there, also trading a few others (Lenovo, ZTE, BYD, Geely, SOHO). Not liking Apple, I'm not sure if they can grow their sales sustainably to justify their market cap, although on paper their profits are great, TTM (TataMotors) is looking good, although they usually pull back when they hit the level they're at right now,

As for WZR, I personally worry not only about the political situation, but also management, Talisman, etc...  Plus, looking purely at technicals, there's very little volume these days, signifying weak interest, and with no immediate earth shattering news on the horizon, I fear they're going to be going sideways for awhile (and not enough liquidity to reliably trade).