I really hope that isn't their strategy, it seems to me like the Garmian block is what they want to develop.  'Giant oilfields' and other such catch phrases don't mean anything if they can't develop them.  Kurdamir 1 was a bust, K2 wasn't exactly steller, meanwhile Garmian is producing.

And WZR absolutely has become a 'show me' stock.  I'll admit, I sold all my shares at ~1.30 (avg purchase price of .60), and I'll buy in again if they give me a reason to.  But right now, I don't like what's coming from management, and I'm pretty content trading on the HK exchange.  Not to mention, the leak that caused our SP to plummet right before the first K2 results has shaken my confidence in the management of this company, as well as regulation of the Venture exchange. 

So yes, to me anyway, WZR has become a 'show me' stock.