Could someone more knowledgable that me interpret the possible well flow rates from K-2 from these figures :

The table below summarizes the flow rates from all three intervals tested within the 168 metres gross hydrocarbon column (22 metres of gas and 146 metres of oil) encountered in the Oligocene reservoir in the Kurdamir-2 well. The three intervals are composed of the two recent cased hole tests (DST#6 and DST#7) and the first open hole test conducted in March 2012 (DST#1) which was conducted across the gas-oil contact.


----------------------------------------------------------------------------Kurdamir-2 Oligocene          Tested Interval  Stabilized Oil Rate  Gas Rate Reservoir Tests                     (metres)              (bbl/d)  (mmcf/d)----------------------------------------------------------------------------DST#1                             2,422-2,477                  950       7.3Open hole test                                                               previously announced                                                        March 26, 2012                                                             ----------------------------------------------------------------------------DST#7                             2,528-2,552                2,184      10.4Second cased hole test                                                      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------DST#6                             2,570-2,590                3,450       8.8First cased hole test                                                        previously announced                                                        Nov 19, 2012                                                               ----------------------------------------------------------------------------