F;  A major factor in drilling wells anywhere in Kurdistan is rig quality and availability.  WZR have excellent QA/QC and will not accept poor quality equipment/personnel on-site ( are you listening TLM ? ). IMO this is an excellent stance as the downsides are 'well-known' to WZR investors.  Drilling in Kurdistan is difficult enough without the equipment and/or personnel not being up to it.  Rig availability is a separate but related issue and the Kurdi oilfield currently suffers from a lack of good rigs/crews.  The shallow MQ-UB wells are an excellent target IMO because they have the potential to produce as much as Sarqala per day and be very quick to drill and complete safely.  MQ will not have the reserves of Sarqala/Hasira/Kurdamir ( obviously ) but these wells are all about being cash-flow positive quickly.  I understand that rigs have been sourced for Garmian and we will benefit from the extensive planning for them.  It is worthwhile noting that drilling Baram-1 and Q-1 without the integration of all the data from K-2 and at least soem from the 3D programs would be 'unwise'.  Best to wait and 'do it right' IMO.  2013 should be very interesting.