Morning V: Just a couple of theories I've been thinking of .  Firstly, maybe the delay in the Garmain block is due to the wells that are currently being drilled to the north and the south by Oilsearch and Genel respectfully.  They might be waiting for a better grasp of their findings??? As for the the shallow wells, they should be an easy drill and if they could produce 5k to 10k from them, it would limit the amount of money required from the market.  They can go for at least 8 to 10 months before requiring money(without any payments being put into the mix).  These shallows, along with K2 and S1 production, should nullify cash requirements in theory.  As per Gasprom and their placeholders.  I am looking at it this way.  Lets say they indirectly control Crest and the TAQA shares just sold.  All that does is reduce by a substantial amount the cost to buy the whole of WZR, who have been helped by the KRG to date and do not see them being f'd over by them.  They, I am told are highly respected in their region by the locals and should be allowed to fully realize their potential(as the KRG probably have a large chunk of them anyhow and will want to profit from a high sale price).  Just my vested two cent theory.  FG