shorts are up over 600k as of the 3rd.  Could be absolutely meaningless (when taking the "share shifting theory" between houses into account ) or it could be yet another case of someone taking advantage of inside info...knowing that results are weeks away and making the "sure bet" that their self-created roller coaster continues.  The last  few months have been a's mentally exhausting to own this stock at times.  We are nowhere near an O&G law and may never get one.  The krg has seemingly bullied our respected partner out of the company and may have replaced them with a gazprom "placeholder".  Lord knows who crest is.....another gazrpom placeholder?  If so, they're now indirectly in control of a large chunk of our company.  Does anyone here believe that gazprom (the future owner of wzr)  & krg  will want wzr to jump to an exchange that will help us achieve fair value before the takeover?   Any idea of a bidding war should be trashed...gazprom is the "chosen one" in the eyes of the krg...not especially  positive for sp when the market knows there can only be one bidder.

Aside from this, i agree with fram that the initial news on the oligocene was very positive and that 15k bpd total of high quality oil (most likely reproducible over 100's of square kms) would be huge for the company.  Depending on payment (or lack thereof) from bagdhad/krg, wzr may want to skip the MQ shallow wells (minimal resources to be proven) and just focus on expanding the high potential "value adders" (baram oligocene and the oligocene near sarqala) as quickly as possible.  It's shocking to see how much time is being wasted (no well spudded in 14 months) when we all know that wzr has a limited lifespan.  Does our status as "operator"  at garmian mean anything?