Hi all: As we all wait patiently for results and get restless and irritable, I just want to restate something that the CFO  personally told me at the First Energy Conference in Toronto in the spring.  He told me and restated it a couple of times for emphasis,  that the longer this testing takes, the better the results.   Crest Energy did not pay a premium for just talk!!! For any of us that have been here for almost 4 years, the time of affirmation is upon us.  We've weathered the bleak of the bleak of scenario's, and now our patience should pay off. There are no guarantees in life, but this should be much better than the diminshed expectations of the last 3 months.   Prior to this release, it has always been higher expectations, with less than stellar results.  This time, lets hope they've hit it out the park and make investors take note of their potential by exceeding the stated 4k volume(which as we know, they've done already) by multiples of that number.  There has been a constant shaking of the tree in the last 3 months and for the life of me do not understand who would be selling here(but don't dwell on this very much as it has been quite easy to stay patient lately as these delays seemed somewhat telegraphed to me).   I would have endured less stress if I did not pay attention to the micro moves on the day to day dealings here, but it is hard to resist when it is so entertaining, your all in your beliefs, and sadly I do not have any other hobbies(which I hope to solve in two years with a hefty bank account!!!).  Barring a war, or a worldwide collapse of the economy (yes possible, but unlikely), this is going up in value and when they get bought out in two years, it will be many multiples of current sp. So, lets all take a breadth and prepare ourselves for what should be great great news in the next week or so!!! I would again like to thank all of the posters here that have stayed true and continually posted information that helped in trying to understand better what is really going on.  You are all valued participants on the success of the compnay and of the investors here.  Thanks again , you all know who I'm talking about and I'm starting to get excited.  Best of luck,  FG