AOI went up from 1.25 to 10.50 today with no flow test.. does that sound logical?    No one logical would invest in wzr giving all the possible risks.. so you ask..  if something sounds logical to me.. sure it does.. but my question is... is it not very possible??

12-24 months price prediction I hope to see 5x on wzr and aoi.  With explorers you throw logic out the window sometimes and play it based on potential and future potential and takeover value, its like a biotech stock..  lots of spec, lots of promise but will they deliver is the question.  When AOI announces they have found 2+ billion on this string of pearls what do you think will happen to AOIs marketcap?   Ngamia + Twiga already close to 1 billion I believe ( we will find out really soon ...maybe next week! )   and they have a so many more prospects to go.  WZR, is my second play in Kurd,  I'm in SNM also.  One of the Supermajors or its own partner T'man will take them out as soon as they confirm up and turn the real estate into swiss cheese to get a # of barrels and stick a price tag on it.  This will take 12-24 months imo and we will see 5x on wzr.