At current prices I do not find Wzr more compelling than AOI..  but I rate them equally in my book.   I have put in a nice chuck of change in WZR recently and hope for the best with results soon to be released.  AOI on the other hand also is about to release twiga and flow test from Ngamia...  should twiga be a hit that would "in theory" prove up the string of pearls ( should be 2b+ oil in that string imo) then they got a huge Real Estate package they will turn into swiss cheese with Tullow as the operator.. I'd say chances are very good we can see 5x in AOI in 2013-2014.. Same as for WZR..  5x in that same time frame.  I'm in heavy in both.  But.. I am still not 100% done with my understanding of WZR.. but I'm going over everything I can get my hands on..and the more I see.. the more interesting I am getting! ( i know.. should of did a  full researched before I took my position.. but, with these explorers..  if you don't get onboard quick.. sometimes they just take off like a rocket.)    

 Thanks for providing your insight!