Drillex;  I have been here a very long time.  I have had to put up for years with a litany of nonsense from a parade of professional de-rampers, the deluded, the prejudiced, the ill-informed and the incompetent whilst trying to present a rational case for this company.  Check it out and then come back and criticise myself and the few other stalwarts.  I have the advantage over most investors in that the NR the other day confirmed the investment thesis that I argued.  'TGOLD' has put the case for TLM and WZR tesing thoroughly as well as I could.  It is madness to drill a hugely costly well and then not test.  It's infantile to argue otherwise.  But, even if that daft argument is accepted it is irrelevant - it is not finally up to TLM or WZR. They HAVE to test every productive zone or risk the wrath of the Dr Ashti Hawrami and the KRG.  It is Kurdistan's oil and they want to know how much is there and how much can be produced.

Bandage up your hurt feelings, hold your hand up and let us all enjoy this investment after the years many of us have spent in the wilderness.

GL all.