I respectfully disagree.  You are thinking small picture.  To have preplanned more work on Garmain, remembering lead times, they would have had to raise cash below the level they did with Crest.  WE had no partner until August of this year. Now people were screaming of dilution then at $1.40.  You cannot punch holes in the ground on the cheap, especially ones you anticpate trucking oil from.  How much do you want to sell at $50 per barrel?  We have no pipeline from Garmain to Turkey.  We have no way of getting the black gold to market other than by truck at lower prices to the local market.  To get full value it is going to take two years and a pipeline built.  WE have assets that will only grow in value.  We have cash in the bank and deep pocketed partners.  We have access to a L.O.C. if needed through Crest or TAQA.  It is time to thoughtfully plan our future at a pace to not burn cash and yet, prove up assets in the ground.  At this level you can put another 4500 shares in the TFSA, jan. 1st. (For us Canucks)  I appreciate the opportunity to buy more and take advantage of weak hands.  I have been a weak hand before and it is not nice.  It seems lkike the company is plotting against the retail guys when you are a weak hand.  I learned from those days.  I am now the wolf who wiats for the lambs.  Much nicer being the wolf!.