Exactly right on the TLM billing issue.  Topokana structure was reason they wanted to test so long....good practical education and better understanding of this structure as a whole (hole).  THis is the beginning for us and I think many were expecting this to be nearer the true middle of the story.  This is the first practical test of Kurdamir.  Safety and understanding were the primary issues, knowledge gained from the 2nd well in Kurdamir is being used for K3.  Now that will also aid TLM as it will be closer to their block.  WE are here for the ride for now.  Garmain is our control, at least temporarily.  The Russian aspect of this is unusual and will give some leaders in Iraq a smug view of their position.  If the Russians were to double cross the Kurds, plebiscite would be next.  This is all politics.  O & G law would give us a double in three days from this level.