Waymar Resources Ltd.


May 8, 2013

Waymar Resources Ltd. ("Waymar" or the "Company") (TSX Venture - WYM) is pleased to announce the integration of nine core areas on its wholly owned Anzá deposit. 

With an effective registration date of May 3rd 2013, five exploration licenses, two mining contracts and two mining licenses owned by the Company have been integrated into a unified contract, number T13635011, with mining registration code FIAM-06. 

The integrated area covers 6,738 hectares of the 23,100 hectares land package controlled by Waymar around the Anzá project.  The unified contract has a total duration of 42 years and a preferential right for renewal. 

Among other benefits, the integration formally allows concurrent mining and exploration activities, eliminates ambiguities of interpretation that relate to compliance and simplifies the administration, payments and reporting requirements of the Company.   

“This integration is the result of nearly three years of coordinated work between our legal advisors, our project team and the regulatory authorities.  The effort will now pay off in many significant ways regarding cost, security of tenure and continued environmental permitting,” said Pablo Marcet, president of Waymar.

The properties that are part of this integration were formally identified with the title numbers 13635, 48, 6119, 4113, 4718B, 4502, 4715, 4290 and 1139.  They correspond to the nine titles under the Option Agreement dated June 2010, signed by the Company and a group of six optionors. 

The areas that, prior to this integration, were covered by titles 13635 and 48, have a valid environmental license and are currently being mined for gypsum by a contract miner.  This environmental license, granted to a Waymar Colombian wholly owned subsidiary, continues in full under the unified contract and allows both underground and open pit mining of gypsum, gold, silver, zinc, copper and any associated metals.

It is possible for other contiguous mining and exploration titles held by Waymar to be added to the integration in the future. 

A map showing the properties subject to this integration (areas in blue) can be found at the Waymar website using the following link: http://www.waymarresources.com/projects/maps/.