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Western Pacific Resources Corp V.WRP

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Alternate Symbol(s):  WRPSF

Western Pacific Resources Corp is an exploration company, engaged in discovering and advancing gold projects in the Western United States. Its projects includes Mineral Gulch, Deer Trail and Rock Springs.
Price: $0.15 | Change: +$0.005 | %Change: +3.45%
Volume: 13,000 | Day High/Low: 0.15/0.15 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.19/0.07

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I mentioned a while ago here that these guys at Quintana are brutally shrewd coal barrons. Now look at Corsa again CSO. Up 70% in a couple days after doing a deal with the Russians. Most acquisitions...read more
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RE:RE:Should be interesting

No one can give you a definitive answer...I am guessing 4-8 weeks for drilling then 6-8 weeks to get results. Probably 3-4 months for results in total.  rate and reply
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RE:Should be interesting

Anyone know how long this type of procedure takes before results come out?  rate and reply
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Should be interesting

The new drill program should be very interesting. If the sampling program is any indicator, this could be an intriguing drillspec.  rate and reply
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RE:time table would be nice

Quintannas' investment in Corsa paid off. One of the few coal miners turning a profit.  rate and reply
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Lottery Ticket

This one has an interesting past and some historical bold statements that have been expunged from the web. It will either make bag loads of money or be wiped out. I will say the current operators...read more
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time table would be nice

Surely by now after the JBR review and 43-101 report WRP should have some kind of time table put together.  The 43-101 report mentions an EIS (Evironmental Impact Statement) may be required for the...read more
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Not particulary, if the 43 101 contains no material events or disclosures already made in past press releases there is no requirement to disclose it as a press release.   Bear in mind WRP is managed...read more
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Do you not think that they would have made an announcement for such important news?  rate and reply
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This stock has already made a move upwards with good volume within the last 10 days.  The reason: A 43 101 has been written and distributed to the market makers and brokers and to whom ever requested...read more
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I have a hunch that this share price is going to go up big time in the next month....glta  rate and reply
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Savvy Billionaire Investing In A Tiny $7 MM Company? Apr 8 2014, 22:42 | by Fincom Investment Partners | about:WRPSF include:NRP Summary U.S. Coal Magnate "Corby" Robinson is being squeezed into...read more
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Patience in this should reap good returns.  This is not a near turn project, mill or not.  Robertson's stipulations for release of stage funding must be met, so expect the due diligence work to...read more
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Finally more common sense due dilignce including exploration.  Contracting with JBR is a very wise and sensible decision.  Announcing an exploration program and less talk about production resets the...read more
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it's been a year.

A year ago with a deal pending with Deer Trail WRP share price was set to to move into the $0.20's.  The deal announcement (including production) was made, the price and volume was impressive. One...read more
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The hurdles are in place

The ttrack meet is set up.  WRP has the task of clearing every hurdle in order to continue to recieve funding to meet the next hurdle (milestone as referred to in the agreement).  The base metal...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:production from where?

Whoa pal. billionaire or not, like it or not, a large amount of cash will be spent to prove up reserves at that Deer Trail before commercial production can begin.  Regulations aside, it is in the...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:production from where?

Move on then. Otherwise, read about the Texas billionaire who is now funding Western. He bought the largest reserves of coal back in the 80's for peanuts, made a fortune, and is now diversifying into...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:production from where?

"It's a good business decision to go into production"  Really?  Production from where?  Deer Trail Mining Company built a mill which most would assume they going to go into production.  Well, you can...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:production from where?

No doubt mineral exists in and on the Deer Trail Mine project area and its potential, no one will argue against that.  But the agrument is why a 250 ton per day mill was constructed if there was not...read more