1st off you are a pig and your posting on this MB portrayed you as a real loser... you got rubed by the SIPPY's and your type is always the target of the fraudsters who post... 2nd i have a soft spot for wrench pullers so this i will tell you, my posting on this MB was to assist rubes like you, my calls on WND, well were pretty dam prophetic. you should reread my commentary and learn.  1st big lesson you should care who the directors are and how they behave, that will tell you an awful lot about your chances.. i ownd WND for a number of years but only as an eventual takeout, in part because (correctly) i had little faith in WND's BoD.  i believe compensation for these Directors was on par with Directors of Exxon (the largest mrkt cap company in the world) and that should pretty much tell you all you need to know.  the 2nd thing kmart learn how to read a financial statement, WND's financial situation as i explained more than once was tenuous and reflected the eventual buyout.  i believe their financial situation was a reason why yabacoocoo never closed.. and weren't you "bullied" by jeff (threatened with legal action for some of your posting) well as a rube that shoulda told you a lot about what was going on here...lastly, you post out of free will you posted as a real pig give your head a shake and grow up, the fraudsters, SIPS, insiders, etc. who posted here didn't control the outcome, nor did your postings, BEP and the hedgies and arbs did, that is the way it always happens (i made large sales at $2.78 reflecting my belief that WND would never sell for $3.00)