I appreciate the discussion,. Im just playing devils advocate ,... from their own circular it states the following...bold is my own comment..

"The purpose of the Offer is to enable the Offeror to acquire, on the terms and subject to the conditions
of the Offer, all of the outstanding Common Shares (other than any Common Shares owned, directly or
indirectly, by the Offeror, Brookfield Renewable or any subsidiary of Brookfield Renewable). If the conditions of the Offer are satisfied or, as permitted, waived and the Offeror takes up and pays for the Common Shares validly deposited under the Offer, the Offeror intends to acquire any Common Shares
not deposited under the Offer through a Compulsory Acquisition ( 90% achieved) , if available, or  (IF < 90%) to propose a Subsequent Acquisition Transaction, in each case for consideration per Common Share at least equal in value to and in the same form as the consideration paid by the Offeror per Common Share under the Offer."

Given the above your argument about delisted or dead shares is really nonsense ,. its all or nothing at this point for BEP,. of course it does not mean you will get more,. but it pretty much guarantees you wont loose anything, unless i'm missing something. Only cost is patience. ... When you cease to dream you
cease to live