Firstly let me thank you for all the factual, accurate, and informational contributions you have made on this board . . . you are obviously well informed and your participation is greatly appreciated by those less informed like myself and I am sure many others as well.

WND did say they were going to sell the entire asset; however, they also said they would present the best offer to the shareholders for approval . . . so perhaps the best offer may be say $2.75 from B/F for all assets excluding Yabucoa and then selling Yab to a second bidder or perhaps somehow retaining by the WND shareholders . . . don't know if this is feasabile but I think it is a possibility.

I don't think WND management would accept $3 for everything . . . but perhaps that is wishful thinking . . . I would like to see a net return of a min of $3.50 . . . $2.75 + .75 [Yab].

B/F is obviously the best fit owning projects adjacent to Windstar so hoping they will raise their offer to exclude Yab as the WND board indicated they were going to do as per the meetings held with B/F a couple of weeks ago and subsequent emails.

I remain Long and Strong!