"This fact allows strong PPA pricing for us but yet affords the Power Authority with a cheaper and cleaner pricing option for the rate payers of Puerto Rico"


It looks like the power price I used to estimate Yabucoa's cash flow was spot on.


But I really don't see this acquisition adding that much value to WND, as there are no specific projects attached to the PPA. The PPA acquired is useful, but only a preliminary step. So it has no real material effect on the sales process. It is within a rounding error.

WND is going to have to do better than this if they want to fend off an increased offer from BEP. Any meaningful increase in the BEP offer, and they might just win. I am betting they jump it to $2.90 or so, as these 10-cent jumps aren't impressing anyone.

I do agree that no one should tender to the $2.60 offer, as it is definitely far too low.