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So does this mean it really helps to know what revenue generation is created by each turbine both pre and post shelf life as in when older units are written down and replaces

Assume that the newer turbines have come down in price and a far more effiecent than the first generation ones that wnd has on its initial farms

By a company adding more turbines to a site where Jeff mentioned there was room to expand a deep pocketed investor could grab far more roi on a per capita basis with the edition of state of the art turbines coupled with what already exists

Wnd because of cash restraint truly were project managers in essence and the purpose of their being was to build as many sites as possible knowing full well that scale could only be achieved through multiple farms with the capacity to add more turbines over time

When you think about it , this is really smart as the deep pocketed investor can add more scale while Jeff concentrated on developing the sites for best return over time

Agros is this a fair assumption?