Agros, thank you for your challange of wanting me to dig deeper in finding valuation metrics in establishing fair value on a wind farm

Wind farms are appraised by a combination of metrics including financial data, cost data, engineering drawings, and specs for cost approach analysis

This is formulated to figure the cost of duplicating the facilaties. Once the cost approach is complete you assess the facilaties using an income approach including cash flow modeling and expected finances of the facilaties

If enough market data is available market approach is used to value

Final step in valuation is to estimate the remaining life of the turbines and the residual value of the sites

Also California law states that x percentage of overall power creation shall be deemed green

I am sure California and Arizona are two of the greenest regions in the usa because the reliance on heavy industry is no where near what it is in eastern usa

This also needs to be factored

Also if market regulation of price is fair for returns allowed over time this to needs consideration as regions vary