With out seeing the financials one cannot tell how the q was

For example did the fed one time grant money act as a catalyst to eps by removing intrest fees and principal payments

To be sure an operater with cash who could clean up this balance sheet and reduce intrest  costs could bring a lot more profit to the bottom line

We also must remember that if a takeover is completed by a group with like asetts admin costs and plant  and management fees would be reduced by upwards of 30 to 35 percent

Since this firm has never made money the carry fwds on profits generated can be deducted from loss provisions

the dollars generated 8.3 million or whatever the number for the q , at what capasity is that 70 percent, 60 or 100

All sorts of considerations, do the wind farms have room to grow the number of turbines on the sites without application hic ups

Has the land that is  company owned increased or decreased in value

What are the barriers to entry, Does California's need for elictric power continue to grow over the next 20 years

These plays are long term as we all are aware

Sure cant wait to see the q3 statements because dollars to doughnuts legal and consulting fees probably chewed up 2 to 3 cents a share while the proxy battle was in full swing

Intresting times!