Bakken, you are likely correct. Half the time, what Peter writes is so much obvious drivel (look up SEDI, Peter, instead of showing your ignorance). But sometimes he seems lucid, so I keep on trying to help. 

Brookfield has had months to load up on shares and they didn't. Of course, they are making this move to help their own position. They'd be idiots if they didn't do what they think gives them an advantage. But this plays into the hands of shareholders who believe  the company is undervalued and who want to see a bidding war.

And you are correct Bakken, this kind of process will likely result in smaller golden parachutes for Management and post-sale consulting contracts only for those who will be useful to Brookfield or whoever wins the bidding.

Companies would prefer to control the process and keep the details of the tradeoffs negotiated, private. When it is all public with the offers filed with SEDAR, the Board can't horsetrade to get a better golden handshake with their pink slips.

Not that our Board would need extra incentive to do their fiduciary duty....

I think that if they are wise, they will use their situation to try to help us all get a better price.