First off a stand still signature does not allow them to purchase shares while the bid is in progress

-Brk can purchase common shares if outside the stand still

sedi you mean sedar - theylag by two weeks so we do not know as yet as of today nothing showed

Why were they rogue suitors ? The others involved patisipated by the rules

WND put itself up for sale under terms and conditions

I suggested that they could be loading up as pump and dump it was a possability.. at no time did i say other

Agro you twist words, brkfield is doing this to upset the apple cart pure and simple

Board approval, generally shareholders want a boards knowledge on a deal prior to the surrender of shares to another

You dont have the kwoledge to blindly make up your mind as to accept or reject, why do boaerds exist if you do not take direction from there expertise

Thanks for the sparring but as usual you said a crock of nothing