Did you actually read the PR from Brookfield?
Did you see them state their share and warrant count, which is the same amount as when they purchased the big block from Goodman?
Have you seen any other purchases from them, since they are now an official Insider, on SEDI?

Apparently, whether they signed a standstill agreement or not, they have not been buying.

But YOU know they are going to be buying. How do you know?

It is their legal right to make an offer and they have yet to make an official offer, since that state it will be filed next week. Nobody has to accept their offer and, if the rumors of multiple suitors is correct, one or more of them will make a higher public offer. If we are lucky we will have a public auction and get full value from the winner, in the open, so we KNOW it is the best offer.

If the result of the private sale process brings forth the best offer, that would be fine too. 

To think the Brookfield move will be to shareholder's detriment is a conclusion based upon no facts that I can see. But I could be convinced if you have the facts. Please share them? 

I am not sure, but I believe that making this offer makes it against the securities regulations for Brookfield to now buy on the open market. Signing the standstill would have barred them from making an offer without getting WND Board approval. Why should the need Board approval? I can make up my own mind about whether I want to accept an offer.

It is very simple. Bidders just have to show me they are offering the best deal.