After further consideration, I have to wonder what BEP is up to.

If they refused to sign a standstill agreement as one poster claims, knowing they wouldn't have access to the necessary information to make a proper bid, why are they even bothering making a "stink bid" for WND?

Was their intention all along to just make a quick buck on the shares they bought, and they got impatient, so just thought they would throw out this news release? It doesn't seem like something BEP would do, but big business is always shrouded in a lot of smoke and mirrors.

Why is nothing ever easy with this company? They got into a mud fight with AQN, and now it looks like that will be repeated with BEP.

Lets just get the sales process done, and get on with our lives.

And I am still looking for a sales price in the $3.50 range. That will reward WND insiders and shareholders alike.