I see this POS, even after endless name changes, roll backs and CEO (lol) changes, is still a printing press for insiders/brokers/bankers, total sham, begging for suckers, that's all lol!

Nthenose, the co needs your can of green spray paint, remember, the rocks you tried to make look like copper in Nevada, the photos you had the balls to post, hahahahahahaha, all fake. I know all you maggots are still peeking in from the boiler room.

Thovarain, this garbage needs another one of your "fireside chats" hohohohohohoho hehehehehehehehe!!!

Hi Suckinup, YKry and all the other CGW/EZ alumni maggots!

You guys still sipping martinis on the east coast of Lebanon, or did you blow the take and come back to Canada with pappa for some more TSX.V "ventures" lol lol lol? I'll be watching :)

OMG  > > 

PS, I didn't forget abou you Nilsum11, but you're just not that smart, not worth playing the game. . .