I was looking at the 3rd party project report on the website. Lots of geology speak. 

"Gold mineralization is associated with quartz veining that is hosted within Cretaceous-age Spences

Bridge Group crystal lithic tuffs. The tuffs contain siliceous fragments that also appear to be associated with the gold mineralization. Alteration associated with the gold mineralization includes clay, sericite, chlorite, limonite, manganese, and silica."
They announced that they are drilling tuff, siliceous fragments and quartzs. Does this mean there is a likely hood of gold in the drilling? ANy geos out there want to commetn? 
Hole SN-12-01 (122 metres) intersected the Tower Creek valley fault system in heterolithic pyroclastic tuffs. Hole SN-12-02 (152 metres) and SN-12-03 (122 metres) were each 30 metre easterly stepout holes from SH-11-007. Similar to the 2011 mineralization, drilling encountered a zone of silicification and sulphide bearing epithermal-type quartz stockwork veining in rhyolite tuffs from the surface to a depth of 60 metres. Hole SN-12-04 (236 metres) tested a possible extension of the Tower Zone mineralization 75 metres west of SN-11-07, extending across the Tower Creek valley fault. The hole intersected an extensive silicified zone from surface through the initial 120 metres, interpreted as a possible dilational fluid channelway for mineralization . Several quartz stockwork zones were encountered within the silicified zone and low levels of very fine sulphide mineralization was encountered throughout the hole. Hole SN-12-05 (146 metres) tested a possible structural extension of the main system, intersecting mainly pyroclastic ash tuffs with increasing silicification toward the bottom of the hole. Assays are pending.