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Wellgreen Platinum Ltd. V.WG

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Wellgreen Platinum Ltd is a mining company. The Company acquires and develops platinum group metals projects in politically stable, mining-friendly jurisdictions.
Price: $0.70 | Change: +$0.03 | %Change: +4.48%
Volume: 149,458 | Day High/Low: 0.71/0.67 | 52 Week High/Low: 1.10/0.42

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I obviously did something wrong, but I now see that my handle is still the same.  rate and reply
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  rate and reply
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Some of you may remember me, I used to post as ltplayer. Eodway and baron von mike will for sure. I still have not changed my position i.e. still own the same amount of stock. Just to prove that I am...read more
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Curious WG!

For most other stock you get a move right after a positive news. With WG it seems always a few days gap between the news and start of market response!  rate and reply
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RE:Re: Re: glenrothhead1 still blaming the market and spamming?

IGNORE!  rate and reply
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Re: Re: glenrothhead1 still blaming the market and spamming?

Lol sure you have me ignore glenny. Yet somehow you reply to every one of my posts bro. Thats weak brooooo!  Anyways, create a few more alias accounts. Bring the guyinmanitoba one back. He has good...read more
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RE:RE:Re: What happened to ediotway and glenrothhead1???

Did I miss something important? I have " got milk " on ignore as should the rest of the board.  rate and reply
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RE:Re: What happened to ediotway and glenrothhead1???

What were they spamming?  Please go back to bed!  rate and reply
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Re: What happened to ediotway and glenrothhead1???

They are magically silent after their predictions were wrong AGAIN !  Hopefully they sold for a loss and have moved on. We dont need them spamming the board every day with graphs and alias accounts...read more
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willikers Milly

I reckon you used to take the trick or treat bags from the kids , and maybe still do...haha.. Be positive once in a while..  rate and reply
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RE:Lots of Activity At The Mine Site With Tours

LOL !!  That is the post of the year! 5 stars bro!  Yes, lots of "site tours". Anything "under $2" is a steal.  Yes yes. I guess the Sprott Conference was worth it.  Huh?  I wonder how the ones that...read more
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Lots of Activity At The Mine Site With Tours

And a big event next week with big investors. Investors, fund managers and others have been showing keen interest with site tours this past while. Should get interesting. Anything under $2 is a steal...read more
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Pre-Market 0.710

0.710 Go Go Go  rate and reply
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RE:RE:ignore button

I have great respect for russia and little respect for America and European gouvernments. There scared of what russia china are doing turning away from the us dollar. Traveled the world and most hate...read more
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RE:ignore button

Totally off topic but it's NOT the American people looking for war, it's the leaders of America that are controlled by corporations that profit from war and are seeking more profits. Obama is nothing...read more
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ignore button

Okay so can we see a share price that has true value ? This is crazy cheap and the Americans are looking for war which doesn't help. Impeach obama before he does more harm  rate and reply
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RE:Re: new alias -nosweatinartic lol

hihi you sound like a drunk I know down the street... I think he also traded based on someone's advice about guaranteed pps... lolololol btw I'm far from beeing anyone else than myself  rate and reply
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RE:A case for $18 per share:

LMAO !  You woke me up for that bro?  That could be the best post of the year !  Hey Guy, did u read this??  Youre right, "we" might actually be at $18 by August 1st like u guranteed!  Bring out the...read more
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A case for $18 per share:

In response to the Village Idiot of Milly, 2% of WG's "in situ value" is $18 per share. Do the math! In-situ value In-situ valuation is a fairly straightforward method of...read more
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trolls and science

http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-05/30/online-aggression http://www.news.wisc.edu/21506 I can't tell what our paid basher writes anymore as I have him on ignore. good work keeping at him. ...read more