This is the newest strategy in the Mining Sector today in order to speed up development.These guys are located with their head office in St.Louis,Missouri are pretty big.They have the rights on the latest technology with batteries and new technolgy concerning smelting.They are a very big mining firm.I believe one of the private partners is Fluor.I'm sticking my neck out here and speculating but Wildcat may be on to a big discovery in Saskatchewan.These big boys from the U.S. have had their eyes opened up by a well educated group of pros that have pretty big land packages.The Wildcat team looks good and I like their association with a Chicago Commodities Broker.Could he have led Wildcat to these Americans who want to diversify?And one other item too,Sangold is going to be introduced to them as well.Two big partners and we get a cut off the top.Just what we needed,big American money to come in and we get a great deal.I'm holding long with just 8500 shares but I got most of them at a penny and a half before the split.Good Luck,and don't sell,there's lot of drilling this winter.I wasn't expecting a big American partner,but these guys can smell moula.