My, my! Look at oilnutz showing up in time to back her little co-basher, TornadoTom...! What a team those two are... It's like they have some kind of financial motivation in bashing management and this stock.

As for that little curfuffle I had with communications at WEE, I'm glad to report that Brett contacted me and sent me ALL his phone numbers, even his Toronto and home numbers.

Not that I'll be sharing those on this board. It's pretty clear that oilnutz has harrassing Brett at the top of her agenda, and TomatoTom ISN'T A SHAREHOLDER, since he was so shocked and amazed at the "news" of Zahary and Saponja's leaving... And non-shareholders don't get to call the CEO.

Oh, wait, oilnutz, are you saying in that last post that that TomatoTom is buying shares? That would be interesting, given his daily bashing here, wouldn't it? It's also interesting that you are so well acquainted with his investing plans... hmmmmmmm...