As usual, TornadoTom, you open your day with a LIE.

That's because lying is what bashers do. I never said "dividends in two years". If you are so timeline obsessed, the Venture market is not for you, especially with a technology stock.

Of course, YOU ARE NOT A SHAREHOLDER, you are a basher. And bashers LIE. So you can stop pretending you are so histrionically upset over the incentive options. None of the REAL SHAREHOLDERS are...

Here, BTW, is what I really said.

"As with many longs, I have no intention of selling my shares. I'm no two-bit speculator like you.

I intend to retire on the dividends in about 5 years. And that, IMHO, is where this company, with it's steady growth, it's business model, it's proprietary technology, and it's several million-dollar cash float, is headed.

GLTA longs!"