I and a couple of other larger shareholders did attend in Toronto as we did in Calgary last year. I also attended a presentation the company put on yesterday in Charlottetown for investors, brokers and interested parties.

Sounds suspicious since flying to agm and broker meeting? 

.I believe that all who attended were impressed with the progress and the technology as explained and am assured the presentation will be on the website soon.

All were impressed with the progress???  Presentation on the website soon?  This should be a priority as it could comfort shareholders with a clearer picturer as the share price languishes at these low levels.

The most significant items for me were the partnering/ customers Weatherford and Schulunberger ( excuse my spelling) . Weatherford and SCH will become in my mind the biggest customers promoters in the very near future as evidenced in Weaterfords case by there results in Pemex trials.

This is positive.

The market did not exist for EOR fluid pulsing and WEE is trying to create a market. This is a slow process in spite of the benefits.

Sounds like an excuse.  F'c off with excuses.

The STIM and drilling markets already exist and WEE tools do it better. The proof of this will be obvious within days not months of the trials. The Powerwave tool was the tool most used in the STIM Canadian business last year.At times both Vorteck and Powerwave tools are used on the same job and perform different functions.( yes they are each billed). The success of the tools presently has become evident by Weatherford asking WEE to jointly issue a white paper on the results achieved with Weatherfor chemical pulsed on stim jobs in Pemex trials within the last months.My sense is the immediate progress will be in the immediately observable results area IE stim and Drilling while EOR proceeds.

Positive.  Now show us shareholders large revenue increases this year!

The surface tool is continuing development and will be a great asset in the offshore market as the cost to install are huge in this market segment.

Offshore market?  What about the on shore market???

The new directors are a great addition and the retiring directors didn't have enough time to be part of the team.

If that was the case, why so long to replace?!

The question was asked in Charlottetown re profitability and the answer was months not years

This year?  Or January 2014?  Hopeful.  We've heard this one before?  dangerously close?  tipping point?  500 the 1000? 

.The fact that they wanted to come east made me believe that the company was wanting to get on the radar screen now as developments pointed to more consistent growth.


I would recommend that if you get a chance to attend one of there meetings and are interested in a growing company then do so these are good people and have plenty of skin in the game. Mikhal

more skin in the game with 38 cent options!  want people which can get the revenue in a timely manner!!!  How do good people respond to emails?